Grandma's Kisses Be Like

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Okay, you do not need to take this GIF in the offensive way, it is just for fun. We all love our grandmothers, and their rituals of kissing us.

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She kisses us out of love, that makes her saliva all over our face seem a little less disgusting. At least, it's better to have saliva all over your face than inside your mouth. Just kidding, kisses are good, wet, french, all kinds.

Did you know?
- Back in the Middle Ages when most people couldn't read or write, the peasants used to mark "X" as a stand-in signature and then kissed the document as an added gesture of sincerity. Hence, in XOXO, X stands for kiss.

The earliest written records of kissing date back to 1000 or 2000 BC in India. Ancient Vedas of Indian history described about kissing for the first time. Kama Sutra has many records describing erotic kissing.

- Insulting slang “kiss my ass” dates back to 1705.

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