Happiness Is, Playing With Snow

Happiness Is #9: Happiness Is, Playing With Snow, GIF, Happiness Is, Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Minions, Snow, Playing, Enjoying, Fun, Winter Season, Chilly, Cold, Snowfall, Snowballs, Snowman, Winter Wear, Overcoats, Winter Clothes, Boots, Ugg

For a mind that seeks joy in everything, nothing appears to be dull or joyless. He'd find joy everywhere, anywhere and in everything. And such a person is to be thanked for making Winters joyful. Otherwise, Winters are dull, grey, cold, melancholic and deadly quiet, where nothing moves and time seems to have stopped. If it wasn't for the daring, joyous people who invented making a snowman and throwing snow balls as fun activities to do during Winters, people would have been bored to death during Winters.

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A joyful heart cares less about the freezing cold and minus degree temperatures. All it cares about is having fun. And what's a better way of having fun than throwing snow balls at each other? Not only it's a good exercise to warm your body up, but you also get to enjoy and have fun. Ice skating, making a snowman, playing with snow, cuddling up by fire with your beloved and hot cocoa are some other joys of the Winter season. 

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