Why Did America Offer Greenland $100,000,000 in 1946?

The United States attempted to buy Greenland in 1946 for $100,000,000. Fact, WTF Fact, Amazing Fact, Uber Fact, America, The United States Of America, Greenland, Money, Dollars, Investment

The United States attempted to buy Greenland in 1946 for $100,000,000.

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In 1946, Greenland was a red-hot real estate to Pentagon strategists. Spies could safely monitor Atlantic-bound Soviet vessels from her shores. And, stationed troops could likely spot any incoming missiles and warn the mainland from afar. That is why, America needed to set up a few bases there, and hence America offered to buy Greenland.

At the time, Greenland was a colony of Denmark and home to roughly 600 Danish citizens.
At a U.N. meeting, Danish Foreign Minister Gustav Rasmussen met with James F. Byrnes (Truman’s Secretary of State) and discussed the subject. What happened next is unclear.
In any event, those efforts failed, and the U.S. made no further attempts to acquire Greenland. However, American bases did wound up getting built on the island anyway, thanks to a 1951 NATO treaty.

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