Pee In The Shower To Save 1,157 Gallons Of Water A Year

By peeing in the shower, you can save 1,157 gallons of water a year. Fact, WTF Fact, Amazing Fact, Uber Fact, Urine, Toilet, Save Water, Flush, Pee, Urinate

By peeing in the shower, you can save 1,157 gallons of water a year.

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A Brazilian environmental group launched a campaign and found that if a single household flushed the toilet one fewer time a day, it would save 1,157 gallons of water each year. That’s from one household not flushing once a day. The more households volunteer to pee in the shower, the higher the already significant number will go.

Urine is sterile, thanks to our wondrous kidneys. So, as long as the water is running while you're peeing, you're all good. Peeing in the shower is harmless unless someone has a disease like hepatitis that pee can transfer.

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